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Announcing Calumet Capital

Calumet Capital has been formed through a combination of Advocate Financial Solutions and Legal Team Partners. Dan Carroll and Jim Romeo are leading a new way to source litigation financing as the first true Investment Bank focused solely on the Trial Law Market. With the flood of institutional investment from Wall St. and around the globe, there are more choices than ever for plaintiffs' firms and litigants to secure financial support for their cases. We work with our client-partners to help prepare them for the rigorous process of securing capital, ensuring their case data is properly assembled and that the firm is optimally positioned to garner the best terms, size and pricing. For investors, we seek to understand their investment criteria, then source opportunities that are a best fit for the objectives they've identified. As the first true investment bank intermediary, Calumet Capital will ensure that all parties have the most effective and efficient process to create winning partnerships. 

Unlock the value of legal claims through flexible financing solutions.

At Calumet Capital, we consider ourselves a true partner to law firms, plaintiffs and investors. It’s our mission to provide innovative, efficient capital solutions for law firms, compassionate assistance to plaintiffs in need of legal and financial assistance, and a secure alternative investment option for investors. Calumet specializes in raising working capital and securing individual case and docket financing for law firms and law services providers. Calumet also advises sophisticated investors on the acquisition, disposition, and maximization of distressed debt and equity positions. Finally, through its vast network of the large commercial, personal injury, mass tort and class action firms, Calumet can can advise clients and their law firms on obtaining the best co-counsel arrangements to maximize the recovery of complex litigation matters.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals in the legal, finance and risk management fields, each bringing expertise and oversight that we can put to work for you. Legal teams trust Calumet Capital as a true partner for their finance and capital needs.




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Areas of Practice

Calumet Capital has a broad network of both institutional investors and large family offices. These include hedge and private equity funds, high yield debt funds, venture capital funds, and asset-based lenders. Calumet also has relationships with public money managers, mezzanine lenders, and strategic individual investors. These relationships enable Calumet to match its law firm clients with the most appropriate sources of capital based on the specific needs of the litigation.

Litigation financing

Calumet assists law firms and legal service providers in obtaining working capital and case cost funding solutions through a variety of sources. This includes assisting law firms with case specific financing for large complex litigation matters, as well as for select mass tort dockets. We provide financing for direct litigation expenses including medical record retrieval and review, e-discovery, expert witness, trial exhibit, filing fees and more.

Advisory services

Calumet provides comprehensive insights into how to best capitalize your firm, accelerate fees, and fund costly litigation. Through our broad network of the best law firms in the Mass Tort and Commercial litigation field, we can advise and facilitate co-counsel and fee sharing arrangements that maximize outcomes for plaintiff and firm, and de-risk the cost and duration of prolonged litigation. Calumet can help guide your firm to the most successful outcomes.

FEE acceleration / tax deferral

Calumet assists attorneys and law firms by accelerating their access to fees, freeing up capital months or even years sooner than they might otherwise receive. Alternatively, if access to capital is less critical, Calumet can arrange for a variety of tax-deferred fee solutions, allowing attorneys and firms to build robust future income streams in a highly tax-efficient manner. Call today for a free consultation.