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M&A Advisory

Law Firm Partners often face the frustrating challenge of not having a clear succession plan or an understanding of how, when and where to realize the full value they have built in their practice. To solve this problem, we closely manage and lead a sell-side process focused on each firm's unique situation and goals, based on three crucial considerations for success:

Underwriting & Packaging: We combine our extensive industry experience with detailed financial, firm and valuation analysis to gain a deep understanding of our clients practice. Based on this analysis, we work closely with our clients to present the Firm in the best light during the market making process.

Marketing & Negotiation: We utilize a comprehensive process based on extensive relationships with strategic buyers and years of experience in uncovering the appropriate universe of buyers for each engagement, fully exploring all possibilities. 

Due Diligence & Closing: A thorough due diligence process and project methodology ensures an environment that maintains deal momentum. Many advisors withdraw during this part of the process, we press in. We develop a detailed project roadmap that is then carefully executed to achieve a smooth and timely close with minimal disruptions to our clients.

Through our services, clients achieve a professionally managed transaction process that delivers premium value and a higher probability of closing. The entire process is always guided with the client’s end goals in mind.